A yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef that has been matured for its flavor.

[Official] Tenkaichi no Yakiniku Shotaian Shin Nihonbashi Branch
[Official] Tenkaichi no Yakiniku Shotaian Shin Nihonbashi Branch
[Official] Tenkaichi no Yakiniku Shotaian Shin Nihonbashi Branch


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Aged Japanese black beef

Please enjoy the soft meat, the sweetness of the fat, and the flavor that spreads in your mouth.

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A unique and exquisite course

You can choose a Yakiniku course where you can enjoy Kuroge Wagyu beef according to your budget.

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Famous "drinkable hamburger"

Shotaian's specialty dish! A hamburger steak with a new texture that melts so much that you can drink it. Of course we use Kuroge Wagyu beef. We offer lunch set meals and course meals.

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A private space

All seats are semi-private.There is a sense of privacy, and the partitions can be adjusted to suit the number of people.It is also recommended for entertaining and gatherings.

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The course is fully attended

You can spend a more luxurious time on the course.We assess the different degrees of doneness for each part of the meat and serve it with exquisite cooking.

~Taste high-quality yakiniku in a private room~

A wide variety of Japanese black beef yakiniku and special dishes.
Carefully selected and purchased, yakiniku, yukhoe, meat sushi, namero...
We offer a variety of cooking methods.

“Shotaian’s drinkable hamburger” is a registered trademark product.
You can enjoy it as a lunch set or course.

Courses are provided with full attendance.
The interior of the store has a white and gold motif.
It is a luxurious and glittering space.

Please enjoy a blissful moment.

Course Meal

Our lineup includes chateaubriand, sirloin, and our specialty "drinkable hamburger steak."When ordering a course, the staff will hold the tongs, so you can enjoy conversation with other customers without having to worry about grilling.It is recommended not only for important dinner parties such as anniversary dinners and entertainment, but also for higher-grade banquets.

evening menu

If you want to enjoy Kuroge Wagyu beef luxuriously, try the ``assortment''. Meat in a treasure box not only feels special, but you can also enjoy visually seeing the color and marbling that shows off the freshness of the meat. We offer a variety of menu items, including grilled sukiyaki, offal, and "Hanasaki Tongue Shio," which is limited to one dish per table. Please enjoy Shotaian's carefully selected meat to your heart's content.

lunch menu

We mainly offer gozen and rice bowl dishes.“Drinkable hamburgers”, which can be said to be Shotai-an’s signature menu, are available in limited quantities!You can choose from grated ponzu sauce, demi-glace, cheese & demi-glace.Please enjoy the unique and melty texture.We also offer yakiniku kaiseki plans, so please use them for memorial services or lunches with business partners.

Store space

The interior uses white and gold as a motif, creating a sophisticated and stylish space.You can relax and enjoy your meal on the sofa seats in the semi-private room.Perfect for business occasions such as entertaining, family gatherings, memorial services, and meals and banquets with close friends.It can be used in various scenes.

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