Yakiniku restaurant where you can taste carefully selected Japanese black beef with aged umami.

【公式】肉の匠 将泰庵 新日本橋店
【公式】肉の匠 将泰庵 新日本橋店
【公式】肉の匠 将泰庵 新日本橋店


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Aged Black Wagyu Beef

Enjoy the tender meat, the sweetness of the fat, and the umami that spreads in your mouth.

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The one and only exquisite course

Yakiniku courses featuring Japanese black beef are available according to your budget.

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Specialty "drinkable hamburger steak

A specialty of Shotai-an! A hamburger steak with a new texture that is so melt-in-your-mouth you could drink it. Of course, we use Japanese black beef. Lunch set menus and course meals are available.

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Private space

All seats are arranged in semi-private rooms. The room has a moderately private feel, and the partitions can be adjusted according to the number of people. Recommended for business entertainment and dinners.

~Private rooms with a private dining room

A wide variety of grilled Japanese black beef and other delicacies.
We carefully select and purchase yakiniku, yukke, meat sushi, nameko mushrooms...
We offer a variety of cooking methods.

Shotaian's Drinkable Hamburger Steak is a registered trademark.
Lunch set menus and courses are available.

The store's interior is decorated in a white and gold motif.
It is a luxurious, sparkling space.

Please enjoy a blissful moment.

course meal

Enjoy various parts of Japanese Wagyu beef.
Lunch only Our famous "drinkable hamburger steak" is available as an option. Recommended for anniversary dinners, business entertainment, and other important dinners, as well as banquets of a higher grade.

main menu in a restaurant, as opposed to the lunchtime menu

For a sumptuous taste of Kuroge Wagyu beef, try the "Platter". You can also enjoy the freshness of the meat with your eyes by looking at the color and the sashi. We have a variety of menu items such as yakisuki, horumon (hormone), and seafood. Please enjoy our special meat to your heart's content.

Lunch Menu

We offer a variety of lunch options, including a set meal and a choice of lunch. The "drinkable hamburger steak," which can be said to be Shotaian's signature dish, is available in limited quantities! You can choose from grated ponzu, demi-glace, or cheese & demi-glace. Please enjoy the unique melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Store interior and space

The interior is decorated in a white and gold motif, creating a sophisticated and stylish space. Enjoy a relaxing meal in the semi-private sofa seating. The restaurant can be used for business occasions such as business entertainment, family gatherings, memorial services, meals and banquets with friends and acquaintances. It can be used for a variety of occasions.

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